‘Smart condo’ unveiled in downtown Toronto


by Ephraim Vecina

22 Aug 2018


A just unveiled, newly completed 69-storey condo tower in downtown Toronto incorporates a wide range of “smart living” features that underline the city’s increasingly valuable status as a leading destination for high technology in real estate and other segments.

The Ten York community by Canadian developer Tridel offers facilities geared at being both the most advanced and the most comfortable in their class, including high-speed Wi-Fi, robust voice and data connectivity within the building, advanced temperature and security management, and many others.

“Toronto is fast becoming a global technology hub and Tridel is keeping pace by introducing a range of tech-savvy amenities which are available to our customers today,” Tridel executive VP of sales and marketing Jim Ritchie stated.

“With erratic schedules, 24/7 work demands and the nature of living in a bustling city, people are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives. A more connected home and community is one way to accomplish that.”

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The development’s suite of amenities “is the result of a collaboration with real estate technology company SmartONE Solutions, which helped us elevate Ten York beyond standard condo living, using smart building features,” Tridel senior VP of project management / innovation and sustainability Bruno Giancola said