Most Ontarians are concerned they don’t pay enough property tax


by Steve Randall

27 Aug 2018


Cutting property taxes might seem like something most people would be in favour of but the cost to local services and infrastructure make that undesirable for most Ontarians.

Even with the high cost of housing and rising mortgage rates, almost 6 in 10 in the province would not be in favour of lower property taxes if it meant cutting services, Nanos Research has found.

As things stand, just under 70% of Ontarians are concerned that their property taxes will not cover the cost of infrastructure and other municipalities costs.

The poll reveals that 46% respondents support or somewhat support property taxes being increased to the rate of inflation whatever the impact on services, 44% oppose or somewhat oppose that, and 10% are unsure.

On the importance of making housing available to lower income and homeless people as a municipal service priority, 44% believe it is a high priority, 34% rank it an average priority, and 14% say it’s a low priority, and 7% say it’s not a priority. Two per cent are unsure.

The poll found that most Ontarians believe more of the tax they pay should go to municipalities.